YCM TCV Series

YCM TCV Series

Vertical Travelling Column Mills are specially engineered for long workpieces and with its ultra-high feed rate and efficiency, it is suitable for aerospace, automotive and job shop applications.

With the traveling column and fixed table design,TCV2000 provides a wide machining area with minimum tool interface.


With the installation of a dividing wall in the working area, the TCV series Vertical Travelling Column Mills can implement machining and set up workpieces simultaneously. Models include TCV2000 and TCV3000A-5AF


  • Multi-Function display allows you to easily select multiple windows from the following list of displays for your monitoring needs.
  • High performance mode with 5 settings allows users to select for the best machining results.
  • Wireless message notifications integrate GSM communication and CNC technology, YCM developed the WMN system for wireless notification of machine and work status reports.
  • MEEHANITE casting
  • Extra guideway block support ATC magazine to ensure smooth and stable movement
  • Fixed working table ensures the best possibility of dynamic leveling, eliminating parts movement on the axes and greatly improving precision as well
  • Circulated cooling system design on X-Axis ensures a stable temperature and optimal accuracy


High Performance

  • The large working area is ideal for large and long workpieces machining
  • With the installation of a dividing wall in the working area, both long and complex parts can be manufactured in the same machine


High Efficiency 

  • Capable of reaching up to 40m/min. rapid feed rate
  • With step guideways and 6 slider blocks on X-Axis ensure the ultra-reliable axial movement
  • No counterweight design on Z-Axis


Reinforced Body Structure

  • High efficiency traveling column design
  • Large delta machine column and base ensure the highest stability
  • With FEM analysis

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