YCM NH800B Horizontal Machining Centre

YCM NH800B Horizontal Machining Centre

Horizontal Machining Centre – NH800B


Introducing the brand new NH 800B High Precision Horizontal Machining Center. The NH 800B incorporates the state-of-the-art dual drive technology along with the utmost rigid structural design to satisfy high accuracy applications.


The machine can perform multi-face machining applications to reduce fixture clamping and machining time.


The NH 800B is specially designed to meet high precision and high-performance machining demands.


Reliable Automatic Tool Change


  • Servo motor driven tool magazine shortens tool search time.
  • Short tool change arm with low moment of inertia design.


Central Chip Disposal System


  • Chip removal design assures the chips to drop directly to the conveyor.
  • Dual chip augers are utilized for efficient chip removal.
  • Dual chip augers are utilized for efficient chip removal.
  • Heavy duty coolant pump.


High Rigidity Structural Design


  • One piece T-base foundation with rib construction for unprecedented rigidity.
  • Spindle headstock is made of one piece casting to ensure cutting rigidity and accuracy during long-period machining.
  • Stepped castings design on X-axis to increase the cutting rigidity.
  • Dual-wall column design for eliminating possible thermal deformation.


High Rigidity Roller Guideways


  • Oversize roller guideways increase rigidity and precision.
  • High dynamic AC servo driven pre-tensioned ball screws, delivering high control qualities.
  • 50 m/min. rapid feedrate increase machining efficiency.


Y-axis Dual Drive System


  • Headstock is driven at the center of the gravity to minimize vibration. The dual-driven design restrains vibration and delivers high speed, high quality machining ability while increasing machine performance and tool life.


High Performance Built-in Motorized Spindle


  • Built-in motorized spindle reduces vibration during high-speed machining and ensures spindle life.
  • 10,000 rpm maximum spindle speed with 45 kW output delivers 623 Nm torque.
  • Micro oil-air lubrication for angular ceramic ball bearings prolongs spindle life.
  • Circulated oil jacket cooling system minimize thermal deformation, ensuring high accuracy.


Automatic Pallet Change


  • 20-second pallet change.
  • Servo motor driven.
  • Simple structural design, fast reliable movement and easy maintenance.


High Capacity Machining Space


  • ø1,300 mm x 1,300 mm largest working envelope within its rank.
  • 2,000 kg maximum loading capacity on each pallet


High Precision B-axis Rotary Table


  • Disc brake with damped clamping system.
  • High precision in-house pallet indexing system.
  • Discharging air jet pallet indexing system.
Spindle Speed  10,000 rpm 
Spindle Power  30 / 45 kW
Spindle Torque 63 kgf-m
Spindle Taper BBT50
Power Consumption 86 kVA (100 kVA)


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