YCM FP66A Mold and Die Machining Centre

YCM FP66A Mold and Die Machining Centre


The optimal structure design and unique thermal control solutions FP55LX features double column structure design, patented thermal isolation on the linear motor for X/Y-axes, and patented air cooling circulation design on the spindle, providing ultimate high rigidity and high accuracy.


The FP55LX Mold and Die Machining Centre is suitable for high precision die and mold machining market and micromachining such as electronic industry and optical component industries.


Occupies state-of-the-art linear motor drives that offers backlash-free and frictionless movements to attain high accuracy with extremely high axial acceleration and deceleration.


The YCM production line monitoring system iDirect overcomes the limitations of time and distance. This software provides plant operators with instant production status, including production value, output, standby, alarm time, status display and malfunction records of the machine.

Spindle Speed  16,000rpm
Spindle Power 22kW 30HP
Spindle Taper BBT40 
Distance Between Spindle Nose & Table Top 150~550mm
Table Size 800x510mm


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