Tykma Electrox Vereo Fibre Laser

Tykma Electrox Vereo Fibre Laser

The Vereo Fibre Laser offers the latest, most advanced features for manufacturers and integrators seeking an OEM laser for their project.


A MOPA based fiber engine allows for high peak power, fast processing times and maximum application flexibility. This system is air-cooled and maintenance-free offering years of trouble free operation and low energy consumption.


The Vereo Fibre Laser features a compact rack mount control unit with a front facing operator touch screen panel. The small form factor marking head makes integration into small pieces easy. A built in focus finder system helps to quickly focus the laser for marking.


Programming and connectivity is controlled through a simple USB interface to a laptop or desktop PC. Additional features such as external axis control, dedicated I/O, marking on the fly and camera assisted marking makes the Vereo a powerful tool for any production process.



  • Air cooled, maintenace free design
  • Advanced MOPA fibre laser engine from 10 to 50W
  • Compact form with rack mount
  • Touch screen operator control
  • Built in focus finder
  • External axis control and I/O
  • Mark on the fly option
System Dimensions (Head) 96mm”W x 440mmL x 121mm”H
(Rack) 432mm x 400mmL x 132”H
System Weight (Head) Approx. 5kgs | (Rack) Approx. 22.6 lbs
Standard Marking Field 100mm x 100mm (160S lens)
Laser Type Ytterbium Fiber
Wattage 20 or 50 Watt


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