TJAW V-4012-H (Hydraulic Table)

TJAW V-4012-H (Hydraulic Table)

High Speed Variable Speed Band Saw with an Enlarged Speed Range


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  • Enlarged speed range: 50-5200 ft/min (15-1575m/min).
  • Infinitely variable speed.
  • Blade welder, grinder and shear are front mounted for quick, accurate blade repair and installation.
  • Maintenance-free airpump provides air to remove Chips from the point of cut.
  • Digital blade speed indicator.
  • Blade tension indicator.
  • Totally enclosed transmission.
  • TEFC 3 phase motor.
  • Rip fence is equipped.
  • Heavy duty cast iron table.
  • Magnetic, low volt controls.
  • Brush for cleaning lower drive wheel.
  • The upper wheel could be adjusted for band tensioning.
  • Motion of work table is controlled by stepless speed controller (Hydraulic powered only).
  • Work table with auto stopper (Hydraulic powered only).
  • Work table may take speedy reverse movement (Hydraulic powered only).
Throat Depth 39-3/8"(1000)
Work Height 12"(304)
Blade Width 1/8"thru 1"(3 thru 25)
Blade length 194-7/8"(4950)
Main Table Size 26-3/4"×29"(679×736)
Blade Drive Motor 4.H.P


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