TJAW 360D (Auto Sliding Table)

TJAW 360D (Auto Sliding Table)

TJAW Vertical Variable Speed Bandsaw with Auto-Sliding Table


We supply all models of the TJAW range, if you are after a machine with higher speeds and rigidity browse through the brochure to find the machine that best suits your machining applications.


Standard Features:


  • Infinitely variable speed.
  • The band tension is cushioned.
  • Blade welder and grinder are front mounted for quick, accurate blade repair and installation.
  • Interchangeable rubber bonded saw wheels.
  • Brush for cleaning lower drive wheel.
  • Manintenance-free airpump provides air to remove chips from the point of cut.
  • The upper wheel could be adjusted for band tensioning.
  • Hand wheel controlled speed.
  • Adjustable saw blade guides.
  • Machine light is fitted.
  • Change speeds while the machine is in operation, without stopping, without pulley changes.
  • Cast iron frame to minimize machine vibration.
  • The machine is with a device for automatic linear cutting.
  • Work table may take speedy reverse movement.
  • Moton of work table is controlled by stepless speed controller.
  • Work table is with auto stoppers.
Height Under Guide 165mm
Throat, Band to Column 360mm
Blade Speed 25-117m/min
Blade Width 3-13mm
Size of Table 565×500mm
Motor 1HP


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