MTE K Milling Machine

MTE K Milling Machine

Bed Type Milling Machine – K model


The K series Bed Type Milling Machine is used for tool making in the mechanical engineering and steel construction industries for processing medium-sized compact workpieces.


The K models available include:


  • K2200
  • K2700
  • K3200


The Bed Type Milling Machine can be fitted manual or automatically swiveling milling heads with or without tool changers, with full housing or simple splash guards for protruding workpieces.


Your K series can be built to your individual specifications.


For more information, download the brochure above.

Working Surface 2200mm x 850mm
T Slots 1x22H7 + 4 x 22H12 in 160
Y Travel (Longitudinal) 2000mm
X Travel (Cross) 1000mm
Z Travel (Vertical) 1100mm
Speed 4000RPM


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