MTE FBFS Milling Machine Floor Type

MTE FBFS Milling Machine Floor Type

Floor-type Milling Centers are designed for heavy-duty machining with a longitudinal moving column for shuttle operation!


The FBF-S Model Floor Type Milling machine is a stable machine used for small to medium workpieces with vertical travel of up to 2.250MM.


It is generally used for mechanical engineering applications. As a result of its incredibly flexible configuration possibilities, it is now also used for contract manufacturing,as well as tool and mould making.


The strengths of the FBF-S Model include its high stability and powerful drive through optional pendulum machining and the combination with NC rotary tables. It can also be realised in considerably higher spindle running times.


A wide range of configurations are offered on multiple axes and X-axis movement with a Twin-Drive system.


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Spindle Taper SK50DIN 69871
Speed 4000RPM
Ranges 3
Power 32kW
Maximum Feed 25


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