MTE BF Milling Machine

MTE BF Milling Machine

The MTE Bed Type Milling Machine is suitable for multiple universal applications. It can be used for heavy machining operations in tool making, mould making aswell as mechanical engineering to name a few. The BF model has also proven ideal for processing fragile welded constructions.


In both areas of application, the Bed Type Milling Machine (BF model) offers generously dimensioned flat guides and optimum vibration damping.


The sliding table is mounted directly onto the massive bed of the machine and cannot be raised or moved transversely; table movement is longitudinal only.


Certain machine tools have been designed to speed up production. Although these tools include features of the basic machine tools and perform the same operations, they incorporate design modifications that permit them to perform complex or repetitive operational sequences more rapidly.


Furthermore, after the production machine has been set up by a skilled worker or machinist, a less skilled operator can also operate the produce parts accurately and rapidly.

Working Surface 3200mm x 1000mm
T-Slots 1x22H7 + 6x22H12 in 140
X-Axis (Longitudinal) 3000mm
Y-Axis (Cross) 1000mm
Z-Axis (Vertical) 1000mm
Speed 4000RPM


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