Monaset CM-2 Tool Grinder

Monaset CM-2 Tool Grinder

Alongside new engineering refinements, combined with field-proven concepts, the Monaset Tool Grinder boasts as an extremely superior tool for sharpening, reconditioning or making small cutters from solid stock.



When combined with its field-proven concepts, the Monaset Tool Grinder is an even better tool for sharpening, reconditioning, or making small cutters from solid rock.


The grinder comes in two versions, the CM-A and CM-2.


The CM-2 version sharpens and reconditions parts with complex shapes.


The CM-A is equipped with linear scale device on the X, Y and A axis. It is ideal for grinding angles, arc, and re-sharpening, especially for small cutter.


Its capability for multiple grinding operations at a single chucking of the workpiece-saves setup time; assures excellent concentricity.


Monaset still maintains its versatility for generating straight or tapered, right or left hand, infinitely variable leads from a simple built-in lead mechanism.


Work head that is adjustable on separate main slide with dual handwheel control has proven to be a boon for setups. Offset slide for work head spindle permits centerline of the spindle to be offset from the center of the turntable- a necessity when grinding convex or concave radii with centerline outside the axis of the workpiece.

Max. Swing diameter 304 mm
Max. Collet work diameter 32 mm
Max. Spiral angle 60º
Max. Distance between nose of spindle and center of tailstock 100 mm,152 mm
Grinding Diameter 100 mm
Workhead speed (RPM) 50 HZ / 370 
60 HZ / 440 



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