Tykma Electrox Minilase Manual

Tykma Electrox Minilase Manual

The TYKMA Minilase Manual is simple and affordable, but its powerful features will certainly exceed your expectations.


The Tykma Electrox range of laser system packs a powerful punch and gives users maximum application flexibility. The manual front door is lightweight and ergonomic thanks to a spring-loaded retraction system.


A powered part-loading table with our focus finder system makes focal adjustment easy. Machine management is simple with the front mounted operator control panel.


A USB connection to a laptop or desktop PC is all that is required to start programming with our Minilase™ Pro SE laser marking software. Quickly mark text, barcodes, serial and date codes graphics and more. Utilize our micro rotary device for 360° radial part marking.


With the included Quick Start Guide, video tutorials and laser programming manual, the TYKMA Minilase Manual can be setup and marking within minutes.


TYKMA laser advantages:

  • Air-cooled solid state maintenance free design
  • Advanced capabilities to solve the most difficult marking applications
  • No lamps, water cooling or alignments and zero calibrations required
  • Longest reliability; up to 100,000 hours life span with three year warranty
  • Compact machine footprints with simple modular designs



  • Advanced MOPA Fibre laser engine from 10 to 20W with selectable pulse durations
  • Manual part loading door
  • Power focal height adjustment
  • Easy focus finder
  • T-slot work surface and front panel status lights
  • Ideal for marking all metals, most plastics, painted/andonised/coated materials and a variety of other substances
System Dimensions / Weight 432mmW x 864mmL x 610mmH / 59kgs
Standard Marking Field 100mm x 100mm
Laser Type Ytterbium Fiber
Wavelength 1062nm +/- 3nm
Wattage 10W / 20W
Frequency Range 1kHz – 500kHz (10/20W)


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