Clausing MillPWR CNC Mill

Clausing MillPWR CNC Mill

Introducing the revolutionary NEW MillPWR CNC Milling Machine to the Clausing range of Precision Machine Tools - the most accurate CNC mill in the market.


The Clausing MillPWR G2 CNC Mill is fitted with the supremely powerful Acu-Rite Control System, enabling users to:


  • Create and program complex parts in minutes
  • Manufacture one-offs and small batch components
  • Utilise the easy to use fully conversational programming system for quick cutting
  • Produce highly accurate parts first time with the ultra-high precision 1µm resolution scales


The MillPWR turret mill has 3 model sizes in the range and the MillPWR control is now available in 4 languages - English, French, German and Spanish.

Table Size 230 x 1245 mm (2VS) 254 x 1370 mm (3VS & 4VSQ)
Max Table Load 302 kg (2VS & 3VS) 503 kg (4VSQ)
Longitudinal Travel (X) 970 mm (2VS) 1005 mm (3VS) 1050 mm (4VSQ)
Cross travel (Y) 360 mm (2VS) 395 mm (3VS) 390 mm (4VSQ)
Vertical Travel (Z) 355 mm (2VS) 395 mm (3VS) 355 mm (4VSQ)
Spindle Power 2.25 kW (2VS & 3VS) 3.75 kW (4VSQ)

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