Mega BS-450M

Mega BS-450M

MEGA Mitre Cutting Bandsaw Machine


Skillfull engineering and imperative design give every MEGA Semi Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw superior machining and cutting capacity.



  • Highest grade tensioning system and guides keep the blade aligned under constant load at all times
  • Hydraulically controlled cutting feed to maintain consistent cutting rates irrespective of the workpiece cross section
  • Power driven brush continually flushed by a cutting fluid spout keeps blade and saw guides free of chips for smoother cutting


Each MEGA saw is factory equipped with:

  • Safety and thermal overload switches
  • Well guarded blades and wheel covers
  • Saw blade shuts off automatically when cutting is finished
  • Low and zero voltage controls



  • Centralised control panel
  • Quick acting mechanical blade tension
  • Blade guide design
  • Power driven saw band brush
  • Hydraulic quick action vise
  • Floating roller feed mechanism
  • Automatic head elevation control
  • Unique feed rate control


Machines series available:

  • BS-250SA
  • BS-300SA
  • BS-360SA
  • BS-450M
  • BS-760M


Standard Equipment:


1. Tools with tool box 1 set
2. Band-Cleaning wire brush 1 pc
3. Bandsaw blade 1 pc
4. Instruction manual  1 copy


Mitre Cutting At 90° ●320      █ 320   ○320    □/H Beam 510W x 320H
Mitre Cutting At 60° ●300      █ 300   ○300    □/H Beam 357W x 320H
Mitre Cutting At 45° ●250      █ 250   ○250    □/H Beam 213W x 320H
Mitre Cutting At 30 ●83        █ 83     ○83      □/H Beam 83W x 320H    
Blade Size 25,32,42,55,70,80 m/min
Blade Speed 82,105,138,180,230,260 f/min


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