Joemars ZNZ AZDR + NZ Series

Joemars ZNZ AZDR + NZ Series

Main features of Joemars FUZZY logic control system:


New ZNC Programmable for auto machining from rough to fine finishing

  • Total of 50 or 256 programs, each program can do a single step, or a maximum of 10 steps machining (option) and each step includes 12 or 16 kinds of machining parameters
  • By using Joemars Fuzzy logic control system, the operator can set a total of 960 of machining parameters on the Joemars ZNZ EDM machines which can also be modified at any time during sparking without affecting the stored parameters


Machining speed

  • 10-45% faster than conventional models


Lowest electrode wear

  • Reduced wear in approach contact areas


Surface finishing

  • Much higher quality machining surface that requires a minimum amount of polishing reduced by 25%


Shortest machining parameters setting time

  • Only input: (1) Machining materials, (2) Electrode size (3) Electrode wear and (4) Peak current. Then the best machining parameters will be auto set to start machining from rough to final surface finishing automatically


New ‘4A’ Equipment (Anti Arcing Auto Adjustment)

  • The Joemars FUZZY logic control system will automatically monitor and adjust the machining parameters in the event of a poor machining condition. Once the condition has been cleared it will automatically return to the pre-set machining parameters to achieve the best performance


Faster machining speed of ULTRA ribs

  • Increased machining speed of Ultrathin ribs


Features of AZ series:

  • New Fuzzy logic control system
  • Microprocessor based control system
  • 50 sets machining program
  • 12 kinds of machining parameters
  • 500 sets of machining condition selections
  • 9600 sets of Fuzzy machining condition
  • Z-Axis Auto Fuzzy machining conditions
  • Sharp Conner Lowest Electrode Wear control (LWF)
  • New A4 equipment (Anti-ARCing Auto Adjustment)
  • Faster machining technology
  • Tungsten carbide machining


Models Available:

  • JM500+AZ75DR+D500
  • JM322+AZ50DR+D320
  • JM650+AZ75DR+D650
  • JM430+NZ50+D430
  • JM32Z
  • JM32NZ

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