Joemars AWT Series

Joemars AWT Series

Wire cut EDM machines refer to Electrical Discharge Machining commonly known as spark eroding, spark machining, wire erosion and wire burning. It is a metal fabrication process that enables the machine to manipulate the desired shape obtained through the use of electrical discharges.


Model Displayed : AWT 4S


Machine applications


Precise Servo Driver System

  • Each axis uses high precision C1 class ball screw with grinded and sub-zero treatment with a manual single shot lubrication system to control the temperature change and consumption of parts.
  • The procedures make the smoothness better and allowing for more accurate machining, bring a longer lifetime for ball screw and control the accuracy gap to happen.


High Rigidity Structure

  • Well balanced, box-type design casting of machine body ensures high thermal balance stability and rigidity
  • U/V/Z axis are all located upper from the high rigidity of machine column and low arm applies with special thermal and hardened procedures, thus it does not get bent during machining with high water pressure.


Work Tank Features

  • The semi-submerged water level can be set in the work tank to cover the worktable, to control the working area’s water temperature in good condition.


Well balanced thermal design:

  • The well balanced mechanical structure design, casting applies thermal treatment and heat current procedures.
  • Low arm with water cooling circulation equipment and combine with super anti-transform alloy material, to bring the high accuracy.


Mechanical Features:

  • Special upper/lower wire guide assembly, providing high-speed automatic wire threading in water and accurate machining
  • Simple and reliable Automatic Threading Device applies high precision accuracy and easy for operator maintenance
  • Special anti-leaking system of low arm and work tank, keeping axes movement smoothly
  • Special cooling system for the low arm, providing high accuracy required while machining
  • Hardened stainless steel work-table enhances surface rigidity and well supported for workpiece


Machines available:

  • AWT3S
  • AWT4S
  • AWT5S
  • AWT6S
Max. work piece dimension ( W x D x H ) 750mm x 650mm x 245mm
Max. work piece weight 450kgs
X travel 450mm
Y travel 300mm
Z travel 250mm


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