Ho Chun HV-1250A

Ho Chun HV-1250A

The Ho Chun HV-1250A is a Vertical/horizontal milling machine with spindle heads, on upper and lower parts of head, that match and revolve in an angle so that the machine can mill the working pieces in any direction the desired direction of the machinist.


The entire range of Ho Chun Universal Milling Machines can adopt CNC control units and can be fitted with a complete splashguard, a half splashguard, or a safety guard for the working table. Machine colours can also be custom made.


With more than 60 years experience under the LAGUN trademark we manufacture a full series of milling machines ranging form the traditional bed-type machines to the most innovatve high-performance milling machines. Our large range of products caters to the needs all of the sectors of industrial activity especially; general machining, dies, moulds, automotive, aeronautics, renewable energies and machinery construction.


Key Components

  • An automatic lubricating system is used to make sure each sliding face, driving face, driving part, and lead screw levers can operate smoothly to work precisely and to lengthen the working life of the machine.
  • The high quality cast iron is used to form the column, the working table, the saddle, and the base. The sliding faces are specially ground and treated. The sliding face of the base seat is specially treated with Alloy steel. Therefore, the whole machine structure is suitable for heavy milling load and high precision requirements.
  • The gears in speed changing box of the column are made of chrome molybdenum alloy steel and are heat treated and ground.
  • Safety requirements are attached to the automatic back-forth and left-right feed and the elevating feed to make the operation safe.
  • The horizontal milling arbor accessories can be set, the arbor support and horizontal arm of which are made of high-quality strong graphite cast iron so that the arbor can work precisely.
  • Automatic circulatory accessories can be set; during the operation process, from start to stop, the workpiece can be united with left-right feed, back-forth feed, elevating feed and the rapid feed so that the production can be higher.
  • There is equipment to eliminate backlash on the left-right as well as backforth lead screw lever.
Area (Width x Length) 400x1800mm
Longitudinal Travel 1250mm
Spindle nose to table (Vertical) 130-600mm
Cross Travel 540mm
T-Slot (W x Number x L) 18mm x 4 x 80mm
Spindle Taper NT#50


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