Fanuc Robodrill DiA5

Fanuc Robodrill DiA5

The Fanuc Robodrill is a high speed CNC Drill with high precision, ultimate efficiency and versatility. It achieves this by applying the latest FANUC technology to its machine models, creating a universal platform for communication and creation.


Fanuc Robodrill DiA5


  • Applying the latest FANUC CNC & Servo motor technology
  • Excellent communication and connection with the FANUC robot
  • The sustainability of the Robodrill is high as it has a preventive maintenance function embedded within the machine, providing it with high reliability and maintainability.


Its efficient user interface enables the user to easily navigate through the interface, complemented with a simple integration with the FANUC robot.


It occupies a wide variety of high speed and high power and high precision. It also achieves a high yield of a workpiece by stable machining. This allows the Robodrill to have utilisation properties in various areas by wide range of application.


High rigidity mechanism and outstanding rigidity of main spindle enabling excellent ability in milling in addition to drilling and tapping.


Achieves both high speed and high precision by using maximum acceleration power of spindle motor.


Proven power regeneration function that use generating energy occurred on deceleration of motors has been adopted since 1994.


FANUC operates customer service and support systems provide the highest quality service with the quickest response at the location nearest to you.

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