Erlo TSA 25/30 Drill Press

Erlo TSA 25/30 Drill Press

Column Drilling Machines – TS, TSA-TSE


Erlo produces Column drilling machines unified with TS, TSA AND TSE units, with fitted, linear or circular beds to provide solutions for transfer type machines. These machines are also manufactured in a horizontal drilling function for these particular units.


  • Automatic feed, mechanical clutch (TSA) and Electromagnetic clutch (TSE)
  • Geared Drive
  • Displaceable table and fixed headstock
  • Rotating and tilting table
  • Rotating reversible table with vice
  • Automatic tapping system by lead screw


The TS Series of Erlo Drills are the most sophisticated and economical column drilling machines in the geared head type range. All the spindle gear drivers are enforced and hardened and run in an oil bath. These models are available with or without power feeds depending on your machining applications. Optionally these erlo machines can be equipped with the Hidroblock Automatic spindle cycling feeds for higher production and job applications.


Machines offer gang drilling machines of 2 to 6 drilling heads possible. These types of drilling machines are produced in other dimensions, combining drilling heads from various series and other manufacturing functionalities.


Circular gang drilling machines are produced upon request, after exhaustive technical research according to customer specifications and requests.


Round Collumn Drills Available


- TSA 25/30 series

- TSA 32/35 series

- TSA 40/45 series

Model TSA 25 TSA 30
Steel Drilling Capacity 25 mm 30 mm
Steel Tapping Capacity M22 M25
Transmission Gears Gears

Main Motor Drive (WITH DRIVE)

2 HP 2 HP
Spindle Stroke  120 mm 120 mm



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