Erlo TS Drill Press

Erlo TS Drill Press

Dating back to 1953, the ERLO Group has been providing an imperative service in drilling and tapping solutions for over 50 years. ERLO Group carries out all services required throughout the complete life cycle of the product, from design to the setting in motion process and post support service, through its additional companies; Erlo, Iberdrill, Ibermach and Erlo Service.


The ERLO team is extremely dedicated to the innovation and development of:


  • ERLO machining units
  • ERLO and IBERDRILL drilling and tapping machines
  • IBERMACH Integral solutions


All these developments are supported and enforced through an innovative customer value proposition entailing the management of spare parts, maintenance and service provided for the life cycle of the specific machines provided be ERLO Group.


ERLO Group is a leading drill manufacturer in Europe with a strong presence in over 55 countries across the globe. Their exceptional quality products and premium positioning construct a supreme industrial manufacturing process combined with their very own technology, evidently guaranteeing high durability and excellent performance.


They provide machining equipment ranging from

  • Independent drilling machine units
  • Conventional enduring drilling machines
  • Automatic drilling and tapping centres
  • Large machining centres


With over five decades spent on producing drilling and tapping machines, ERLO have been established as a point of reference on the domestic and international markets. Strength, reliability and durability are what set our industrial drilling machines apart from the rest and have been a major factor in our success. They are the only manufacturer in the world that offers drilling machines with a steel drilling capacity of up to 70mm. This quality is made available to our customers through a wide variety of selection of drilling and tapping machines.

ERLO produces a wide range of drilling and tapping machines.


The machines are delivered in subject to strict procedures, including rustproof protection, in order to guarantee the quality upkeep of their products until they arrive in the customer’s premises. The ERLO products are well known all over the world.

Model TS 25 TS 30
Drilling Capacity 25 mm 30 mm
Tapping Capacity M22 M25



Motor Power 2HP 2HP
Spindle Stroke 120 mm 120 mm


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