Joemars Superdrills DZ Series

Joemars Superdrills DZ Series

The EDM Super Drills have newly developed sparking circuits uniquely designed for these super drills to enhance machining speed, excellent flushing, lower wear and higher accuracy.


Machining Applications:

  • Pre-hole drilling of work piece for wire cut
  • Machining of coolant holes
  • Deep hole drilling in ejector
  • Drilling flushing holes in copper electrode
  • Blind holes drilling
  • Machining holes on inclined faces or in difficult positions


Unique Features:

  • Fuzzy control system is the most admirable made made user interface which is easy to learn and operate
  • A new technician can easily learn how to do a job within 5 minutes
  • Eliminates headaches of education and learning processes


Models available:





  • All supported design to provide high accuracy and stability of workpiece
  • Half submerged work tank for user friendly design
  • Machnical body, water tank and power supply system (generator) are all seperated
Work table size 600mm x 300mm
X , Y travel 350mm × 250mm
Z Ram servo travel 345mm
W axis 200mm
Electrode size Ø 0.2mm – Ø 3.0mm
Max. electrode length 400mm


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