Joemars Super Drill JM325

Joemars Super Drill JM325

Joemars EDM High performance JM32Z machine provides the most sophisticated, high quality EDM machine combined with new ZNC programmable technology reinforcing the optimal performance and capability functions provided.


Essential machine invovling Spark Erosion products. EDM is unlike other cutting processes and the experience and longevity of Joemars enables the brand to provide the highest comprehensive EDM machine supply service possible.


The manufacturer of this EDM Machine is Eurospark. Eurospark are a major provider for Spark Erosion products. The Joemars JM32Z machine was developed by a group of top tier engineers and technicians with extreme technical and theoretical experience in the field of EDM. The machine renders superb engineering supremacy and unmatched mechanical features to outstand the industry.


Eurospark is a universal specialist provider for Spark Erosion products. EDM is unlike other cutting disciplines and our experience gained over the years enables us to understand what captivates that market and provide the highest end machines to maintain the forefront of EDM in Australia.


Standard Features:

  • New Fuzzy control system concept
  • 50 job Nos
  • 10 Steps Machining
  • 12 kinds of machining parameters
  • 9600 sets of machining paramters
  • Shortest operation set up time
  • Mirror surface machining
  • Sharp corner lowest electrode wear machining
  • New A4 equipment (Anti arcing auto adjustment)
  • Faster machining technology
  • Tungsten carbide machining


Joemars New Fuzzy Logic Control System

  • Sensor that exceeds a skilled operator/optimises machining conditions (off time, sparking gap, servo sens, flushing height, work time)


ZNC Program for auto machining

  • Useful for rough to fine finishing
  • Up to 50 programs avaiable
  • Each program covering a single step or a maximum of 10 steps (machining option)
  • Each step includes 12 types of machining parameters
  • In combination with the Fuzzy Logic System, operator can get a total of 9600 sets of machining parameters, which can be modified at any time during sparking without affecting the store parameters
Table Size 460mm × 210mm
X , Y travel 330mm × 200mm
Max. workpiece weight 100kgs
Electrode size Ø 0.2mm – Ø 3.0mm
Machining dielectric Distilled water


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