Joemars  NP Series CNC EDM

Joemars NP Series CNC EDM

NP Series 3-Axes full CNC EDM covers the entire spectrum of CNC EDM technology.


Model displayed:  JMNC32A+NP50+D32


Mechanical Features:


  • Symmetrical structure design and the castings are made by high strength cast iron
  • High precision ball screws on each axis, some user bigger location pin and with pretension design, enforcing characteristics on positioning accuracy, machining rigidity and motion
  • Precise wide angular ball bearings on each axis to ensure the required loads for axial and radial, providing smoothness and accuracy when machining
  • The advanced transmission mechanism for each axis, to improve the efficiency, stability and accuracy when machining
  • Full covered protective structure for each axis, to ensure operators safety and to prevent dust or liquid fall into the machine
  • Some models equipped with high loading capacity wheels for easy movement of dielectric tanks, aswell as provide convenience for maintenance and cleaning of the tank
  • Simple configuration for Machine body, Generator and and Dieletric tank, to reduce the floor space and easy for maintenance purpose


Control features:

  • 32bit industrial grade PC based CNC controller
  • Dialogue and GM code programming
  • MPG positioning and discharging alignment
  • Machining path displays
  • Multi-conditions macro programming for finish machining
  • All PC boards are sectioned in modular box design which reduce maintenance cost


Available CNC EDM Machine models

  • JMNC32A+NP50+D32
  • JMNC43A+NP50+D43
  • JMNC62+NP50+D62
  • JMNC1140+NP75+D1140
  • JMNC860S+NP100+D860S
  • JMNC2210-2HS+NP100x2+D2210-2HS


For further information on the machining specifications of these machines download the brochure above.

Work table size 600mm × 300mm
X travel 300mm
Y travel 200mm
Z travel 200mm
Dielectric tank pump 0.5 HP × 1


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