Clausing Large Swing Lathes

Clausing Large Swing Lathes

These Clausing Large Swing CNC Lathes are manufactured specifically for the most optimal turning needs, we can design any machine that is ideal for your turning applications.


These machines can be built to your required machining requirements and turning applications, manufactured with the highest grade longlasting materials and equipment ideal for high performance machining. Larger customer designs and specifications can be requested upon inquiry.


Clausing Large Swing Lathes are designed for optimum performance, heavy stock removal while providing versatility required by a large range of industries including; general purpose machine shops, mining industry, paper mills, power utilities, ship building and repair as well as the oil field industry. All machines are tested to the most stringent accuracy before shipping.


The Lathes are engineered to ensure the accurate and efficient machining of large components. Designed and constructed to your specifications makes this machine an excellent fir for your machining applications. Fanuc OI Control can be operated manually with full function DRO or automatically with easy to use Manual Guide I conversational shop floor programming or full G-code for complete CNC operations.


For more information regarding machine features, specifications and additional features download the brochure above.

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