Abene VHF 350BS

Abene VHF 350BS

ABENE VHF-350 BS Boring spindle and Hydraulic Tool clamping system (optional)


ABENE Milling Machine with adjustable overarm. Large movement in X/Y and stepless spindle speeds through a 2-step gearbox, gives an even more flexible and universal machine. Higher spindle speed for today’s tools and materials. The most perfectly matched machine with an unbeatably unique design in over 70 years.


ABENE VHF-350 (M/BS) Vertical/Horizontal Milling machine with stepless spindle speeds frequency controlled, between 55-3000 rpm.


Spindle power 7,5 kW

Longitudinal X = 760 mm, Cross Y = 350 mm, Vertical Z = 500 mm.

Cross over-arm Y2 = 0 - 500 mm

Table Surface 1300mm x 320mm
T Slots 18
Longitudinal Travel 760mm
Cross Travel 350mm
Vertical Travel 500mm
Spindle Speed 55-3000RPM


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