ČKD Blansko Vertical Lathe

ČKD Blansko Vertical Lathe

ČKD Blansko


ČKD Blansko are a company with over 320 years of operations within the manufacturing industry.

This is clear evidence of the innovative, competitive and especially the quality of intelligence offered and valued over at ČKD Blansko.


They are the inventors of the first water turbine made over 150 years ago.

Only an environmentally and customer-oriented company provides dynamic solutions  for the most demanding clients.


ČKD Blansko provide the most supreme vertical lathes through a combination of unique engineering and ecological use of natural resources to meet the energetic requirements of the 3rd millennium.


The vertical lathes that they provide include:



CKD SKDY is a double-column vertical lathe that combinations the supremacy of a vertical lathe and gantry machining centre. They are able to meet all customer requirements regarding dimensions and power, with the load capacity of the table being up to 1,1000 tons.




The ČKD SKD double-column vertical lathe is characterised by extreme cutting performance and high rigidity. Complemented with a strong structure makes this lathe one of the best in regards to heavy machining applications, roughing of castings and forgings, as well as precision machining, milling and grinding.




The design of the ČKD SKJ single-column vertical lathe is particularly suitable for machining very large pieces of material. The maximum workpiece size goes up to 16m in diameter. Even at these dimensions, SKJ maintains its quality functions of precision, accuracy and productivity.

Models SKDY 40-50 SKDY 40-80
Turning table diameter 4 000 / 5 000mm 4 000 – 8 000mm
Turning diameter 5 000 / 6 000mm 5 000 – 10 000mm
Turning height 2 000 / 2 800mm 4 000 – 6 000mm
Turning table speed 125 – 50RPM 125 – 25RPM
Cutting force 40kN 100kN





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